Black Diamond Rings

Black Diamond Rings

What Makes Our Black Diamond Rings So Striking?

Sleek and sophisticated, our black diamond rings simmer with molten brilliance and exude an almost hypnotic force.

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The deep, dark, intangible beauty of the black diamonds in contrast with the sharp, crisp, sparkle of the white diamonds makes for an awesome combination in our black diamond gold rings.

Exquisitely handcrafted to make tempting, tantalising treats, our chic range includes black diamond eternity rings and fancy-shaped designs. Available in both yellow gold and white gold, our black diamond rings are UK hallmarked and come with a 5 year guarantee.

All rings are sent out with a free insurance valuation certificate and all 18k rings also come with a certificate of authenticity. Prices start from as much as 60 percent below high street prices and delivery within the UK is free and insured.

For complimentary black diamond jewelry take a look at The Diamond Store's black diamond necklaces, black diamond cross pendant and black diamond earrings.

Interesting Facts About Black Diamonds....

Black diamonds are opaque and although they do not show the fire valued so much in white diamonds, they are still prized. The colour is caused by an insertion of graphite within the crystal which causes the diamond to be a conductor. Diamond and graphite are both made of carbon, although the carbon atoms are attached differently.

According to new research, black diamonds are found in only a few places on Earth where it is now believed an asteroid as big as a kilometer wide may have crashed. The diamonds, also called carbonados, are only found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Unlike other diamonds, they are made of millions of diamond crystals that are stuck together. They are also porous.

Scientists say it would have been difficult for gas to become trapped in rocks at depths of about 200 kilometers below the Earth's surface which creates black diamonds, because the intense pressure there turns carbon into conventional diamonds.


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