Blue Sapphire Rings

Blue Sapphire Rings

Wonderful Blue Sapphire Rings

Vivid blue sapphires from Thailand are a true natural wonder. Their royal aura and famously captivating light play are what make our blue sapphire rings so luxurious and special.

Fashionable yet timeless
Blue sapphires have wooed both great figures of history and modern celebrities. Just as Princess Diana's famous blue sapphire engagement ring became famous in 1981, it once again captured our imaginations when Prince William gave it to Catherine Middleton in 2011. Our stunning range includes styles from classic to contemporary with a choice of single and multiple stones, eternity rings – and of course, blue sapphire and diamond rings very similar to the one worn by the Duchess of Cambridge...

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Coveted blue hues
Sapphires are precious stones naturally formed in a rainbow of colours. The most sought after of them all is the blue sapphire. As the most durable coloured gemstone on earth, it is ideally suited for meaningful jewellery, such as engagement and eternity rings. Our expert jeweller draws inspiration from the timeless, lasting nature of this fascinating gem as he crafts each one individually by hand.

Superior Thai sapphires
Just as with diamonds, blue sapphires are valued by clarity, colour and cut. We source ours only from Thailand, known for the superior quality of their sapphires and the outstanding skill of Thai sapphire cutters. Our strong industry relationships and buying power allow us to offer you the finest blue sapphire rings – at the very best price point.

“My fiancée thought it was wonderful, as did her friends!”
A blue sapphire and diamond ring combines the two most durable and precious stones on earth. We craft each “Diamond Store” blue sapphire ring by hand in fine platinum or gold, hallmark them in the UK and guarantee your ring for 5 years. When your loved one opens our luxurious gift box on their birthday, anniversary or special occasion, they will simply be delighted.

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