Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

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Made from only the finest, conflict-free diamonds, these precious gemstones are the essential magic in our exquisitely handmade collection of diamond rings.

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With our consummate collection of white gold, yellow gold and platinum diamond rings for sale, you will always find something to meet your expectations. Whether you're looking for the perfect anniversary gift or the ultimate ring to proposal with, all our jewellery comes UK hallmarked and beautiful packaged in our exclusive presentation set.

Each item comes with a 5 year guarantee and a free insurance valuation certificate at the recommended retail price. Our 18k and platinum jewellery also come with certificates of authenticity.But no matter whether you are buying at the upper end of our range or one of our cheap diamond rings our high standards are assured.

We offer a no fuss 30 day Returns Policy (conditions apply) which allows you the freedom to try the jewellery on in the comfort of your home. To ensure you get the ring size right first time, The Diamond Store also provide a Free Ringsizer Tool to assist. .

Whichever ring you choose, The Diamond Store can guarantee to beat the prices of the high street jewellers with savings up to 60 percent less then traditionally retailers. Should you need any help or advice our friendly staff are available to talk to on Tel: 0845 084 1200.

More Interesting Facts About Diamonds............

The word diamond stems from the ancient Greek "adámas" meaning "invincible" or "unalterable", which as the hardest known mineral is a fitting title. Made from crystalline carbon, diamonds are valued as much for their beauty as their industrial application, used predominantly in cutting tools.

Diamonds have been formed over 1 to 3 billion years under the high pressure/high temperature conditions generally found at depths of 85 to 120 miles. They are brought closer to the Earth's surface through volcanic eruptions. Almost 49 percent of the world's diamonds are sourced from central and southern Africa, although mines are also found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India and Russia.

Diamonds became increasingly popular in rings during the 20th century when a number of factors combined to make diamond jewellery more accessible to the general public. These were the discovery of a major source, which brought down the prices of diamonds, and an intensive marketing campaign from diamond mining corporation and jewellers, De Beers.


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