Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

Always & Forever

Only a real diamond holds true timeless beauty and value. Slip on one of our dazzling, high-grade white diamond rings, guaranteed natural and conflict-free, and let it speak louder than words.

Our high diamond qualities
We are extremely choosy when it comes to picking the right diamonds for our exclusive collection of fine platinum and gold rings. With over 40 years of experience, our uncompromising diamond expert meticulously inspects and selects every single stone by hand. Each one must pass the rigorous “Diamond Store” test – hence we only offer three qualities of diamonds, all of them high, and with no flaws visible to the unaided eye. All of our diamonds are independently certified for your peace of mind. We are also the only pure online jeweller in the UK authorised to offer official Canadian Diamonds.

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Nature’s rarest treasure
Beautiful, sparkling natural diamonds are formed under intense and crushing volcanic pressure. Only a powerful eruption of lava can push them up to the earth’s surface, and these only take place every few hundred million years. The modern and ethical mining companies that source our diamonds, use immense expense and effort to sift through tons of earth and rock – just to find one carat.

Everlasting pleasure and beauty
A radiant diamond ring is a sure way to make your loved one’s eyes light up with happiness. It is a gift with lasting value that creates lifelong memories out of your special occasion. Pick one of our stunning eternity rings to commemorate an important birthday, anniversary or the birth of your child. For engagements and weddings, our classic solitaires and delectable diamond wedding sets, as well our vibrant blue sapphire and diamond rings, are extremely popular. And if you just want to show off a big, blingy cocktail ring to the girls… we do those too.

“Most importantly, my wife absolutely loved it.”
Right down to our beautifully presented luxury packaging, our diamond rings are designed to elicit delight – and make your special celebration genuinely memorable.

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