Opal Rings

Gorgeous Australian Opals

Even with their delicate, ethereal beauty, opals respond best to the hot, arrid landscape of the Australian outback, where the most lustrous and brilliant of these gemstones are found.

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By using only the finest Australian opals, and show-stopping Mexican fire opals, we have harnessed the other-wordly allure of these stupendous gemstones to create exceptional items of jewellery.

Unashamedly radiant and gloriously decorative, The Diamond Store designs range from opal solitaire rings through to 5 stone opal and diamond rings.

All are exquisitely handcrafted and UK hallmarked and sent out in our exclusive presentation set, with a free insurance valuation certificate ( RRP) and personalised gift message. The Diamond Store also offers some of the best priced opal rings available in the UK.

To compliment these fabulous yellow gold and white gold opal rings, The Diamond Store have a choice of other opal jewelry for you to choose from including opal earrings and opal necklaces.

Interesting Facts About Opals.....

Opal is the birthstone for October and consists of silica, with a water content of between 6 and 10 percent. The name derives from the Greek word "opallos", which is a combination of two words meaning "optical" and "alter" referring to the opal's iridescent quality. Alternatively, it also believed to have derived from the Sanskrit word "upala" meaning precious stone.

Opal is classified as a precious gemstone and although it is best known as a milky-white gem, it does come in a variety of colours. Light diffracts off of the silica spheres within the stone and it is this that makes it flash rainbow colours when viewed from different angles.

Black opals are the rarest and hence most expensive, but colours can range from the bright orange/red of the fire opals to iridescent blues and yellows. They are found in many areas of the world such as Africa, Brazil, North America, Mexico and Russia but the predominant source is Australia.

When cleaning be sure to keep opals away from oil and do not use in ultrasonic cleaners as both can damage the stones. The opal has a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, compared to the hardest gemstone diamond which is a 10.

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