Sapphire Rings

Sapphire Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire rings are attention grabbers. Practically as imperishable as diamonds, they are the in vogue choice for the glamorous, contemporary trend-setter. Ours come from one exclusive location, in four exotic colours...

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When considering a sapphire ring the key is to choose one with intense saturation, or colour.

We only buy sapphires from Thailand because of their high quality and strong, vivid hues. Thailand’s modern mining practices are also environmentally friendly and encourage fair trade. So your sapphire ring will be beautiful, as well as ethical.

Four vibrant colours that last a lifetime
Our sapphire rings come in electric blues, feminine pinks, sea greens and flame yellows. Pick one to suit a complexion, a personal style or even a mood. Sapphires are extremely durable precious stones, only diamonds and moissanites are harder – this makes them the perfect choice for engagement and anniversary rings, intended to be worn for life.

Iconic rings whatever your budget
The popularity of sapphires has skyrocketed since Prince William proposed to Catherine Middleton with Diana’s unforgettable blue sapphire and diamond ring. We offer a range of rings very similar to the Duchess of Cambridge’s, available from £149 to £2,649. VIEW ONE HERE NOW.

Did you know? Penelope Cruz and Victoria Beckham have also boasted sapphire rings.

Sapphire is the September birthstone
Sapphires are especially significant to September babes. Symbolising loyalty, truth and clear vision, they are the quintessential birthday gift or engagement ring choice for those born in early autumn. For her, a sapphire ring is much more than just a ring on her finger. It’s a conversation piece.

We present each one of our sapphire rings in a luxurious ring box ready for your big occasion.

Each one is UK hallmarked and comes with a free insurance valuation certificate at the recommended retail price.

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