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Sapphire Engagement Rings

Bright and dazzling, only sapphires from Thailand produce those fiery, intense colours and devastating sparkle that make our sapphire rings so compelling.

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Sapphire Engagement Rings are bound to make a comeback and be the must have ring this year! Kate Middletons Sapphire ring is a true classic and in all honesty more popular than you might imagine.

We have very similar Diamond and Sapphire Engagement rings from as little as £149.00!

Here is a very close match for the Kate Middleton Sapphire Engagement Ring

Birthstone - Sapphire is the Birthstone for September.

Made from the most handsome of Thai sapphires, our tempting and tantalising range of exquisite sapphire rings encompasses a whole spectrum of luscious colours and styles.

From pretty pink sapphire rings to dynamic yellow sapphire rings and from classic white gold sapphire rings to quirky orange sapphire engagement rings, The Diamond Store has something to tempt everyone. Beautifully packaged in our exclusive presentation set, each ring is UK hallmarked and comes with a free insurance valuation certificate at the recommended retail price.

As one of the UK's largest online jewellers, The Diamond Store's extensive collection of finely handcrafted diamond and sapphire rings for men and women are available for a fraction of high street prices. They are sent out by free, insured UK delivery and are subject to a 30 day money back guarantee if you not completely satisfied.

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More interesting information about Sapphires.........

Sapphires are the September birthstone and are extremely durable stones, only diamonds and moisannites are harder. They are classified within the corundum class of minerals, of which rubies are also part.

The original name comes from the Latin word for blue which is "sapphirus", although they are now found in almost every colour except red. They were thought to protect the wearer from danger which is why many kings took to wearing them and are said to bring peace, happiness and help maintain good mental health.

Sapphires are mined predominantly in Sri-Lanka, Burma, Kashmir, Thailand and Australia, although there are other sources. It is neither the darkest sapphires nor the lightest sapphires that are the most expensive but those that have the most vibrant, intense colour which radiate sparkle and vivacity. When choosing a sapphire, the most important factor to consider is simply personal taste.

Sapphires are possibly the most popular of all the gemstones because their versatility and scope creates such exceptionally beautiful rings. However, only ethicly-sourced sapphires from Thailand are used in our rings, avoiding countries with unenvironmentally-friendly practices and unfair trade practices.

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