Some interesting facts about Yellow Sapphire

Created from the finest gemstones, our yellow sapphire rings absolutely sizzle with brilliance and vitality.

From yellow sapphire wishbone rings to a yellow sapphire solitaire ring, our selection of imaginative and creative designs mean that there is something to suit everyone. Offered in both white gold and yellow gold, each ring is finely handmade and UK hallmarked.

Whether as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift, The Diamond Store's exclusive presentation set means they are ready to be opened and adored from the moment they arrive.

As well as being subject to some of the lowest prices available in the UK, anything up to 60 percent less than high street equivalents, delivery within the UK is also free and each yellow sapphire ring comes with a 30 day money back guarantee complete with freepost returns label.

More Interesting Facts & Information About Yellow Sapphires.....

Yellow sapphires rings make ideal engagements rings because the stone is believed to have the power to remove any delay to marriage and help maintain a happy conjugal life. In addition, they are suppose to be beneficial to those with the profession of writer, lawyer or trader and are used to get the mental juices flowing.

To keep your yellow sapphire jewellery sparkling for a lifetime, simply clean with soapy water and a soft brush and make sure to keep out of direct sunlight and heat.