Some interesting facts about Yellow Sapphire

Superlative sapphire quality from Thailand
Much rarer than their blue counterpart, yellow sapphires make an exceptionally beautiful addition to any jewellery collection. Their colour, which can range from sunny yellow to dark honey, is created by the presence of iron trace elements in the stone. The most intensely coloured and clear yellow sapphires occur naturally in Thailand – and they are the only variety we use in our rings to ensure exceptional quality and sparkle.

“Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL ring! Much appreciated by my (now) fiancée!”
Almost as hard as diamonds, sapphires are long-lasting heirloom gems that make ideal stones for engagement, anniversary and special birthday rings. They also make a stunning alternative to blue sapphires and a high value choice over citrine or yellow topaz. What’s more, all of our rings come presented in a luxurious ring box that lives up to your most important occasions.