Tanzanite Pendants And Necklaces

Tanzanite Pendants And Necklaces

Why Are Tanzanite Necklaces And Pendants So Precious?

Found almost exclusively in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, The Diamond Store has taken one of nature's most enchanting and rare minerals to create a range of some of the most breath-taking tanzanite pendants.

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Birthstone - Tanzanite is the Birthstone for December.

This rare African gem has an other-worldly quality that is mesmerising. Shimmering blues and violets magnetise the onlooker, creating jewellery that is extraordinary. Using beautiful designs and expert craftmanship, The Diamond Store have harnessed the beauty of this gemstone to create a collection of wondefully unique tanzanite pendants and necklaces for you to choose from.

Each is UK hallmarked and sent out in our exclusive presentation set so they are ready to give as gifts from the moment they arrive. Available as white gold or gold tanzanite pendants, The Diamond Store offers these striking pendant necklaces at a fraction of high street prices without sacrificing on quality.

Other items of tanzanite jewelry that you may like from The Diamond Store are our tanzanite gold rings, white gold tanzanite engagement rings, tanzanite stud earrings and gold tanzanite bracelets.

Interesting Facts About Tanzanites.....

Tanzanite is a relatively new stone and was only discovered in 1967 in Northern Tanzania. Derived from the mineral zoisite, it starts off a reddish brown colour and only becomes the extraordinary blue/purple colour it is known for after heating at 600 °C. It is linked to the month of December and the 24th wedding anniversary.

There is only currently one main source and that is the East African state of Tanzania from where it gets its name. Originally referred to by the mineral it is formed from, zoisite, it was changed to tanzanite after the famous New York jewellers, Tiffanys, felt the word sounded too much like the English word "suicide". They then went on to launch a massive advertising campaign for the tanzanite which is part of the reason it has gone on to be recognised as of the most desired gemstones in the world.

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