Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite Rings

Shimmering Tanzanites

Found almost exclusively in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, we have taken one of nature's most enchanting and rare minerals to create a range of exquisite blue-and-violet tanzanite rings…

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Rare and finite
Discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, the only source known so far, the enthralling blue and violet tanzanite is a relative newcomer on the gemstone scene. Yet in Africa these unique shimmering gems are legendary; the Maasai say they bring good fortune to those who wear them. Due to their limited availability and singular colour tanzanites are extremely rare and expensive. Thanks to our robust industry ties and purchasing power, however, we can offer our exclusive tanzanite ring collection at the very best qualities – at less than half the price found on the high street.

The stylish gem for those in the know
With its cool, icy hues tanzanite is not only the birthstone – and perfect gift – for December. It has also quickly become a fashionable gem for engagements, offering a rare and stylish alternative to those looking to depart from the more traditional diamond. We have created a truly beautiful collection of classic half bands, big fancy cocktail rings and stunning single tanzanite and diamond engagement rings, all lovingly crafted by hand.

Exceptional colour and clarity
To reveal a tanzanite’s bewitching violet-blue glimmer the rough gemstone must first be intensely heated. Gem experts regard heat-treatment in tanzanites as not only routine, but necessary. We only offer tanzanite at AAA quality in 18K gold and platinum, or AA grade in 9K gold – and you won’t see any visible inclusions. That’s how we ensure your gorgeous tanzanite ring flickers with those famous and tantalising colours this spellbinding gemstone is so famed for.

“A 21st birthday gift for my daughter, she is over the moon!”
Nestled in our luxurious presentation box and complete with an elegant personalised message card, our tanzanite rings are instant hits on any big occasion. For confident gift-giving, each one comes with a free insurance valuation certificate, our 5 Year Guarantee and is hallmarked in the UK.

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