Cameo Rings

Cameo Rings

spectacular cameo rings

Known as the best in the world, Italian cameo is beautifully carved with centuries of skill passed on from father to son. Our exquisite cameo rings are perfect examples of this tradition.

Modern cameo that recreates vintage luxury
Cameos consist of carvings on multi-layered shells or stones where the background colour differs from the subject, leaving it in relief. Usually the bottom colour is darker than the top. Adapting this classic style of jewellery design, The Diamond Store has created a collection of cameo rings that are both timeless and fresh, using stylish contemporary rubover settings in UK hallmarked gold to give them a modern twist.

Cameo through history
Most cameos used to be cut from agate, onyx or shells, and usually featured the portraits of famous figures, natural subjects like flowers and animals, or even mythological creatures. The art of cameo carving dates as far back as 3,000 BC and it was also often used to decorate vases, cups and candelabras - as well as jewellery. Cameo was very much in fashion during the Victorian era and was used in brooches, pins and pendants. As trend made popular by Queen Victoria herself, it is now resurfacing as a popular vintage theme.

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