Pearl Bracelets
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Pearl Bracelets

exquisite natural iridescence

Only the most lustrous freshwater pearls and meticulous attention to detail go into crafting our beautiful pearl bracelets. Nature’s own gems, they’re immaculate, rare and so versatile they suit any taste.

Naturally shimmering and valuable
Our exquisite Oriental freshwater pearls are known for their porcelain-like luminosity and subtle rosy pink and ivory overtones. As June's birthstone and also the official gem for 3rd and 30th anniversaries, pearls are a delightful, classic gift for special occasions. Luxurious with a rich sheen, pearl bracelets are versatile accessories that can create casual glamour and formal chic.

With pristine sterling silver
We’ve chosen the finest 925 sterling silver for our pearl bracelet clasps. Sterling silver’s beauty and durability means that your jewellery will not only look exceptional, but also fasten securely. The Diamond Store’s high standard of design and craftsmanship is guaranteed for five years and each bracelet comes beautifully presented in our luxurious gift set, ready to give to the lucky recipient.

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