Pink Tourmaline Rings

Pink Tourmaline Rings

breathtaking pink sparkle

Our luxurious collection of sparkling pink tourmaline rings captures the imagination and symbolises your love with singular rose hues and breathtaking beauty.

The perfect gift
Whether you already own gemstone jewellery or are new to it, you'll love the exquisite pink hues and high standard finish of these pink tourmaline rings. Surrounded by a halo of sparkling diamonds and set onto a lustrous UK hallmarked white gold band, they are timeless, easy to wear, and effortless to combine with all other jewellery. Featuring round or oval cut tourmalines, they showcase this gemstone's natural light refraction in the best way, creating beautiful pink radiance.

The alternative October birthstone
As October's other gemstone in addition to the opal, our tourmaline rings make stunning gifts for autumn birthdays and anniversaries or truly special treats for Christmas and Valentine's. The modern word 'tourmaline' comes from the Sri Lankan name 'turmali', which means 'gems of all colours'. Tourmaline can range in colour from red to green to golden yellow, but we have opted to showcase its beautiful and rare pink hues in our collection, because they are truly unique.

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