Quartz Earrings
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Quartz Earrings

soft radiance and allure

Exquisite quartz with its subtle pastel colours and delicate shimmer is beautifully suited to earrings. The alluring way in which it captures and reflects light never fails to seduce the eye.

Perfectly matched precious stones
Each pair of our natural quartz earrings is made from two identical precious crystals with no artificial treatments or enhancements. We offer a stunning range of quartz jewellery in delicate shades of baby pink and crystal-white, as well as sophisticated blues, browns and grays. All our quartz earrings are set in fine white gold with diamond accents for added luxury.

A gift with significance
A coveted precious stone that symbolises love and beauty, quartz makes a meaningful gift for someone you love. More than just jewellery, quartz is said to bring its wearer love, harmony and happiness. Our expert craftsmanship and beautiful gift presentation means that your special occasion will be nothing short of memorable.

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