Quartz Pendants And Necklaces
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Quartz Pendants And Necklaces

exquisite shimmering beauty

Precious quartz has long been used to symbolise beauty and love in jewellery. Elegant and captivating, our quartz pendants and necklaces bewitch with their chic, delicate hues.

Legendary beauty and meaning
Quartz is an exquisite semi-precious stone that comes in many delicate, subtle shades and feels delightfully cool to the touch even during warm summer days. Quartz makes an exceptionally meaningful and long lasting gift. According to ancient lore, quartz necklaces are said to be amulets for health, love and energy, as well as bring harmony and happiness.

Finest hand picked quality
Choose your favourite piece from our carefully hand selected quartz necklaces and pendants. From classic to vintage designs they’re available in delicate hues of powder-puff pink, diamond white and elegant smokey brown or gray. Each one is set in pristine white gold and detailed with delicate accent diamonds for added opulence. Our superlative craftsmanship means your necklace is designed to be worn, loved and enjoyed for a lifetime and more.

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