Wholesale - Selling Our Jewellery

We are fiercely protective over The Diamond Store.co.uk brand and because of this we have taken a bold move and we have decided not to offer our jewellery for sale via any other channel than ourselves. No wholesale deals, drop shipping etc......

If you have seen our jewellery on other websites such as Amazon.co.uk then it is because we have chosen to sell it there and The Diamond Store.co.uk is still the company fulfilling the order from our London warehouse.

Why have we chosen to do this?

Unlike say CD's, Books or DVD's, jewellery is a complex and difficult item to sell. Without our own in house craftsman we simply wouldn't be able to provide the service standards we do.

The only way we can guarantee our standards are kept to the desired level we insist on fulfilling, guaranteeing and under writing EVERY single order.

However, if you really want to sell our jewellery....

You can! Through our online network (Affiliate Window) we are able to offer an affiliate scheme.

This is where you get paid a commission for introducing a customer to us. Its easy to set up, simple to do and means you could be selling our jewellery from your website or newsletter within minutes.

For more information on our affiliate scheme please visit our Affiliate page
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