Ring Sizes & Measuring Tools

What is Ring size?

'Ring size' is a measurement that refers to the inside circumference of a ring. It's important to know your correct ring size before buying a ring, otherwise it won't fit properly.

Different countries use different standardised systems for denoting ring size. Here is a chart with the 3 most common ring size systems, used in UK & Australia, USA and internationally.

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UK/AU Sizes EU Sizes USA Sizes
B 1
D 2
F 45 3
G 46
H 47 4
I 48
J 50 5
K 51
L 52 6
M 53
N 54 7
O 56
P 57 8
Q 58
R 59
S 61 9
T 62
U 63 10
V 64
W 66 11
X 67
Y 68 12
Z 69


Ring Size Tool Or Ring Size App?

1) Our Ring Size App

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Simply place your loved one's existing ring on your phone screen, then adjust the circle until it fits the inside of the ring exactly.

This app helps you keep an engagement ring or a special gift a surprise and saves you a trip to the jewellers.

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2) Or order your Free Ring Sizer