Luxury With Confidence From The Diamond Store

At The Diamond Store, sourcing the highest quality gemstones for our customers is a priority. Our experienced team of gemmologists travel the globe to seek our superlative precious stones for all our jewellery. We never source precious stones from areas of conflict so our customers can be certain they're investing in both a quality and an ethical piece of jewellery.

We are relentlessly fussy when it comes to selecting the gems used in our jewellery and take pride in meticulously checking each stone, looking for the perfect combination of colour, cut and clarity. If any stone fails to meet the strict standards we set, we return it to the marketplace and continue our search for quality.

Gary IngramThis precision in sourcing means we simplify the process of buying beautiful jewellery and our customers can be confident they're investing in the highest calibre precious stones without compromising their budget.

Gary Ingram, The Diamond Store