Amethyst Pendants And Necklaces
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Amethyst Pendants And Necklaces

exquisite natural beauty

Glowing in luxurious lavenders and purples, Brazilian amethyst is the purest and most sought after of all the quartz gems. Each one of our amethyst pendants is a beautiful celebration of this precious stone.

Gems with romantic symbolism and significance
The amethyst is a gem of legend that represents love and is said to have been worn by Saint Valentine of Rome. It therefore commemorates Valentines Day and is the traditional birthstone for the month of February. Our amethyst necklaces make popular gifts for any romantic occasion. Classic oval solitaires, diamond cluster hearts and sophisticated pear shapes and cushion cuts are all showcased in our collections.

Exceptional gem grade
Brazil is known to produce the worlds finest variety of amethyst, known for its exceptional blemish-free transparency and vibrant violet colour. When expertly cut and worked, it has an intense brilliance thats simply breathtaking in solitaire gem jewellery. This is why our amethyst necklaces are so striking  each one combines expert craftsmanship and exquisite natural beauty from the best source.

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