Emerald Pendants And Necklaces
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Emerald Pendants And Necklaces

luxurious emeralds close to your heart

Symbols of love, luxury and luck, no other gemstone is as beautiful or as legendary as the emerald. Let our opulent green Colombian emerald pendants dazzle you and bring you good fortune.

Green is the colour of love
In ancient Rome green emeralds symbolised Venus, the Goddess of Love. Far Eastern philosophies say green is the colour of the heart. We have drawn inspiration from the emeralds romantic nature to create a unique collection of necklaces and pendants. From elegant to extravagant, choose your favoured style from emerald-and-diamond crosses and clusters, cross over pendants and charming emerald hearts. These pendants and necklaces make truly meaningful gifts and special treats.

Colombian emeralds, finest in the world
Their exquisite green colour is why Colombian emeralds are considered superior to any other emerald in the world  and why we handcraft our pendants and necklaces exclusively with them. Our gem expert picks emeralds based on superior colour and clarity, much in the same way as we rate diamonds. So when you fasten a Diamond Store emerald around your neck, each stone glimmers and glints beautifully as it catches the light.

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