Opal Pendants And Necklaces
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Opal Pendants And Necklaces

gorgeous australian opal necklaces and pendants

With luxurious Old World enchantment, our white opal pendants and necklaces offer vintage chic and sophistication. As October’s birthstone, they are the perfect heirloom gift for those born in late autumn.

Exquisite opals from Australia
In literature and history, the opal is often referred to as “The Light of the World” or “The Rainbow Gem”. Ancient Romans hailed it as the queen of all gemstones because its white lustre contains the shimmering colours of all other gems. Our collection of necklaces showcases stunning white Australian opals, famous for their beautiful play of colour. That’s why we’ve chosen them for our birthstone collection.

The best cut and polish
The white opals we have used in our range of necklaces are expertly polished into cabochons – the gemmological terms for smooth oval shaped cuts. The cabochon is considered the best cut for white opals because it shows off their ‘play of colour’. This is the shimmer of colours you see on the surface of a white opal when you turn it in the light, and it is considered the white opal’s most important characteristic. Our jeweller sets each one of these necklaces skillfully by hand in fine yellow or white gold.

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