Opal Rings
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Opal Rings

creating lustrous, sparkling luxury

With their ethereal beauty, our white opal rings offer effortless glamour, luxury and sophistication. Meanwhile, our flame-orange fire opals evoke the hot, arid landscape of the Australian outback where the most brilliant of these gemstones are found.

Australian opals – rare, valuable and unique
Called “the rainbow gem”, opals exist in every colour of the light spectrum. Some diffract light, shimmering in many different colours, and others display only one intensely vibrant tone. We offer two stunning and rare types of Australian opal in our ring collection: lustrous white opals, famous for their historical use in jewellery, and fire opals, blazing with spectacular orange colour. Opals from Australia are known for their high quality pigmentation and luster and that’s why they’re the only gem types we’ve chosen to use in our ring collection.

Superbly cut and polished
Our white opals have been expertly polished into smooth dome-shapes called cabochons. This is the best way to display their famous, pearl-like glimmer. Our translucent, intensely orange fire opals, on the other hand, showcase a faceted cut that awards maximum sparkle. Each of our rings is set by hand by our own jeweller, to ensure the opal centre stone enjoys premium play of colour and light.

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