Peridot Pendants And Necklaces
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Peridot Pendants And Necklaces

bright sparkle, precious beauty

It’s hardly surprising this luxurious, citrus green August birthstone is called “the gem of light”. No other precious gem catches the eye with such incandescent golden-green sparkle as a high quality peridot worn on a beautiful gold pendant.

Gem quality peridot
For peridot necklaces, the most important quality aspect to take into account is colour. Peridot has a unique tone of golden green that isn't displayed in any other gem. Depending on their origin and the amount of iron trace minerals present in each individual stone, peridot's tones can range from vibrant grass greens to fresh lime and olive hues. Because we set each of our peridot necklaces by hand in our own jewellery workshop, we are able to hand-pick superb gem grade peridot with show stopping green radiance and sparkle.

The August gem thats made from stardust
Early Egyptians believed that peridots were shards of sunlight that had fallen to the earth and turned into precious stones. Since then, weve learned that this ancient legend is very close to the truth. As well as existing in lava deposits that came from fiery volcanoes, peridot has been discovered at sites where meteors are known to have fallen to earth. Fittingly, peridot is aligned with the fire sign of Leo and is the official August gemstone  another reason why our beautiful handcrafted peridot pendants make such popular gifts for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries celebrated at the end of summer.

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