Pink Sapphire Earrings
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Pink Sapphire Earrings

wonderful, delicate pinks

No other gemstone has such pure blushing colour as pink sapphires from Thailand. Feel feminine, elegant and luxurious in a pair of our sparkling sapphire earrings, made with natural conflict-free stones.

Our superlative quality Thai sapphires
The value of a pink sapphire is determined by its clarity and colour intensity. The cut is also very important and should reflect light evenly, with heightened brilliance and sparkle. We source all of our pink sapphires in Thailand, a country known for the outstanding clarity, cut and colour quality of its gemstones, as well as its conflict-free mining trade. That's why our range of pink sapphire earrings is as ethical as it is beautiful...

The rarest sapphire colour
Pink sapphires have the most highly valued colour of all fancy sapphires - sapphires that aren't the traditional blue. Formed from the mineral corundum, natural pink sapphires can range from a pale baby pink to vivid fuchsia. The second hardest gemstone after diamonds, pink sapphires are extremely durable, highly prized and sparkling precious gems. Their dazzling colour looks breathtaking in our exclusive range of earring, handcrafted to perfection in our own jewellery workshop.

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