Ruby Pendants And Necklaces
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Ruby Pendants And Necklaces

sensationally romantic rubies

Red rubies symbolise love and each one tells a story. Wear one of our superb ruby pendants or necklaces as a beautiful reminder of someone you care for.

One-of-a-kind jewellery
From beautiful gold pendants to superlative platinum necklaces, our ruby collection is beyond par, both in quality and style. From stand-alone ruby solitaires to charming ruby and diamond love hearts and crosses, our pendants will make you look and feel both sophisticated and seductive. And if you simply love rubies for their beauty, you can be confident that we only offer stones with the deepest natural hues, skillful cuts and gorgeous glimmer.

Deepest natural reds
Rubies are perhaps the most sought after gem in the world, valued for their intense red colour. They are mined from the earth in many beautiful red hues, from crimson or maroon to flaming red. We source only the most stunning ethical rubies from countries like Thailand, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Selecting each gem by hand, our skilled jeweller handcrafts them into exquisite pendants that glow alluringly as they catch the light.

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