Tanzanite Bracelets
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Tanzanite Bracelets

stunning incandescence and shimmer

Its bewitching violet glimmer and rarity makes tanzanite one of the most exquisite precious gems used in jewellery. Display unique, sophisticated luxury on your wrist with one of our fine tanzanite bracelets.

Meaningful gifts with great value
Tanzanite is one of the "Big Five" gemstones - alongside diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Unique in their beauty and even rarer than diamonds, tanzanites offer a breathtaking alternative to classic gemstone jewellery. As the birthstone for December, it is a popular and cherished mid-winter birthday gift. Tanzanite bracelets also make elegant bridal accessories, as well as being officially given on 24th wedding anniversaries. Like diamonds or sapphires, their icy-blue dazzle means they’re easy to wear, awarding effortless style and glamour.

The best in gemstone jewellery
Tanzanite is an astonishingly beautiful gemstone. Its blue-to-violet glimmer, which seems to shift from one colour to the other as it turns in the light, is truly unique. Found only at one location in Tanzania, tanzanite is so rare that it’s considered one of the “Big Five” precious stones, alongside emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds. Our exclusive range of bracelets fuses this gem’s sensational lightplay with the finest UK hallmarked gold to create an effect that’s impossible to forget...

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