Tanzanite Pendants And Necklaces
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Tanzanite Pendants And Necklaces

dazzling and exotic glamour

Our beautifully handcrafted, high grade tanzanite pendants and necklaces show tantalising light play and colour that's unmatched by any other gemstone.

Grade quality, ethical tanzanite
Tanzanite is a remarkably vibrant gem. Its almost magical shimmer, which seems to constantly change from violet to blue as the light catches it, is absolutely unique. Tanzanite is only found at one location in the world, Tanzania, where it’s mined from beneath the lush green hills of the Maasai territory near Mount Kilimanjaro. Our conflict-free tanzanite pendants and necklaces, made with AA to AAA+ quality gems, are ethically sourced and display spectacular play of light and unforgettable sparkle.

Meaningful romantic gifts, beautifully presented
Tanzanite is December’s birthstone and makes a special gift for winter birthdays and those born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. It’s also the established, traditional gift for 24th wedding anniversaries. Tanzanite’s rarity, high value and lustrous beauty makes it truly luxurious and attractive gift that’s guaranteed to make a girl smile. Each of our tanzanite necklaces is elegantly presented in a high quality jewellery box with a stylish personal message card, to make your gift giving occasion unforgettable.

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