Diamond Pearl Earrings
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Diamond Pearl Earrings

shimmering diamond and pearl earrings

Shimmery cultivated Japanese freshwater pearls are the natural gemstone that makes our exquisite earrings so special.

Pearl is the Birthstone for June
With timeless design, our diamond and pearl earrings are effortlessly chic. Each pair of our pearl earrings is handmade to exacting standards and are classic examples of this remarkable product of nature. As a birthstone for June, the pearl is meant to bring luck and give wisdom. Combined with diamonds, the ultimate symbol of love, our diamond and pearl earrings offer a heady mix of luxury, meaning and style.

The significance of pearls today
There are many myths surrounding pearls, including an early Chinese legend which tells how pearls were the tears of the Gods, which fell from the sky when dragons fought. Today, cultured freshwater pearls are the best option as they're eco-friendly and ethical, not threatening to deplete scarce natural pearl beds. This is why we've chosen to offer pearls from Japan, where pearl cultivation is virtually an art form.

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