Diamond Necklaces

Diamond Necklaces

One of Life's Luxuries

Skill, patience and only the most exquisite, conflict-free diamonds go into making our beautifully handmade diamond necklaces so rich and luscious.

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As one of life's luxuries, there is nothing more quintessentially romantic than a gift of a gold diamond necklace. Choose from The Diamond Store's many designs to find a necklace which promises years of pleasure and a sound investment.

From lustrous collarette necklaces to contemporary twirl and ribbon necklaces, our diverse selection of beautifully diamond necklaces are available in both white gold and yellow gold.

All our diamond necklaces for women are made with exquisite craftsmanship and care and are delivered direct to your door, free of charge, in The Diamond Store's exclusive presentation set.

Each is UK hallmarked and comes with free insurance valuation at the recommended retail price and free personalised message (although discreet outer packaging is provided to prevent ruining surprises). In addition, all 18K gold diamond necklaces come with a certificate of authenticity.

More Interesting Facts About Necklaces.....

As they are worn close to the heart, necklaces were originally believed to attract or strengthen love. While that folklore may no longer hold true, modern diamond necklaces certainly still have a way of expressing great love.

They are also believed to be the earlist form of jewellery. One necklace in particular constructed from strung together mollusk shells was discovered in South Africa and dated back nearly 75,000 years. Other prehistoric examples include those made from animal teeth, bones and claws.

The first necklaces made from gold however did not start to appear until around 2500 B.C., while diamond necklaces appeared even later still and are a relatively recent phenomen on the evolutionary scale.

When they first appeared they were for the wealthy aristocrats only. However today, thanks to the discovery of large diamond deposits which have brought down prices, diamond necklace have become more accessible to the general public which means everyone can benefit from this spectacular gemstone.

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