Blue Topaz Pendants And Necklaces
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Blue Topaz Pendants And Necklaces

alluring, icy blue topaz

A unique jewel favoured by royalty, sparkling blue Brazilian topaz is sensationally luxurious, durable and beautiful. Choose from our array of elegant pendants and necklaces for a truly stunning gift or treat.

Brazilian topaz
The biggest, high grade topaz crystals in the world come from Brazils topaz belt in the countrys Minas Gerais region. In fact, one of the most impressive examples of the blue gem is the Braganza Jewel, set in the Portuguese royal crown. We have captured this romantic and royal spirit in our beautiful line of necklaces  from elegantly sparkling single topaz pendants to exquisite topaz-and-diamond clusters and hearts.

November birthstone
Topaz is the gemstone for November and its glacial blue tones seem particularly perfect as dazzling winter birthday gifts. It is also the gem for 16th wedding anniversaries. Naturally, topaz is rarely blue, but becomes this colour through intense heating. We select our topaz in the same stringent manner as diamonds, by clarity, colour and cut. Our gemmologist chooses only the finest clear crystals with vibrant blue hues to give you outstanding sparkle and lasting enjoyment.

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