Emerald Earrings
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Emerald Earrings

what makes colombian emeralds so special?

Emeralds are the most precious gemstone – and ones from Colombia are considered the finest of them all. Let our emerald earrings entice you with their spellbinding green beauty.

Green Muzo Valley treasures
Ever since the era of the ancient Incas, Colombia has perfected its millennia-old tradition of emerald mining and cutting. Renowned worldwide for their superlative green colour, we have chosen to include only Colombian emeralds in our line of fine earrings. Our gemmologist spends weeks selecting perfect stones with high-grade colour and clarity. That’s why each pair of our emerald earrings glint so alluringly every time they catch the light.

Birthdays, anniversaries and weddings
Emerald is the birthstone for May and symbolises springtime. Thats why it is the chosen gemstone for commemorating lifes important firsts  such as weddings, births and graduations. Choose confidently from our breathtaking collection of emerald and diamond earrings to give beautiful, high value gifts to spring brides, new mothers or special birthday girls. Emeralds are also the traditional gift for 55th Emerald Wedding Anniversaries.

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