Aquamarine Pendants And Necklaces
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Aquamarine Pendants And Necklaces

sensationally cool, blue sparkle

We use only the finest, most translucent blue aquamarines from Brazil for our pendants. That’s why our collection sparkles so beautifully, showing this stunning gem at its very best.

The finest aquamarines sourced from Brazil
As their name and stunning blue colour suggest, aquamarines remind us of the cool, translucent beauty of the ocean. Although found on three continents, Brazilian aquamarines are known as the finest in the world. These large, sparkling crystals with an almost glass-like transparency and purity lend themselves beautifully to pendants and necklaces. We set each of our pendants by hand, using only natural Brazilian aquamarines and premium quality diamonds for unforgettable radiance and beauty.

Aquamarines are gifts with meaning
Whether a simple solitaire or a dazzling aquamarine and diamond cluster pendant, these stunning blue gems make versatile accessories and life-long treasures. For those born in March, aquamarines have special significance as the months birthstone. Theyre perfect gifts for early spring birthdays and anniversaries, sure to elicit smiles and delight from their recipient.

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