Emerald Rings

Emerald Rings


From the deep, lush valleys of Colombia come the purest green emeralds that nature has ever conspired to create. Let our luxurious collection of emerald rings lure you with their exotic and enchanting beauty.

Spellbinding inner light
Colombia is not just known for the quality of its gems, but also the skill of its emerald cutters. It takes a highly trained eye and years of experience to bring out the true gem hidden inside a rough emerald. Our gemmologist further scrutinizes each stone for first-rate clarity, colour and cut. That’s why all of our emerald rings have that desirable and mesmerising inner glint these green gems are so famed for.

What the connoisseurs say
Completely clear, glass-like emeralds are extremely rare. If any are found, their prices usually soar to tens of thousands of pounds per carat, meaning only wealthy collectors are able to buy them. For this reason gem professionals and our buyers welcome barely (if) visible small imperfections in our emeralds; it’s part of the emerald's uniqueness. All “Diamond Store” emerald rings therefore have what’s considered an outstanding standard of clarity.

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