Amethyst Earrings
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Amethyst Earrings

luxurious violet sparkle

Shimmering with an inner violet light, the amethyst symbolises passion and is said to attract love. We have created our sumptuous range of amethyst earrings with this allure and desirability in mind.

Purest quality
While mined on all continents, amethysts from Brazil are of an especially high grade. We choose our gemstones in the same way as diamonds, studying them one by one. Based on the excellence of an amethyst’s clarity, colour and cut, we’ll only choose two of every ten for our jewellery collections. That’s why each pair of “Diamond Store” amethyst earrings is so perfectly matched, showcasing only the purest sparkle and vibrant colour.

A coveted gift that symbolises love
The birthstone for February and the gem that marks Valentines Day, amethysts are the time honoured way to say I love you. We only use high quality Brazilian amethyst in our earrings, because it is exceptionally pure and of a conflict free origin. Its deep lavender glow lends itself beautifully to earrings, bestowing unique warmth, luxury and elegance.

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