Emerald Bracelets
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Emerald Bracelets

what makes colombian emerald bracelets so special?

The deep, vibrant greens and almost magical glimmer of fine Colombian emeralds are what make them the most desirable jewels in the world – and why we use only them in our bracelets.

Only natural, pure emeralds
Emeralds have been revered for centuries, since the time of ancient Egyptians. The Incas worshipped them and the Holy Sankrit scriptures say emeralds bring good luck and enhance well-being. Today, experts agree that the finest quality emeralds come from Columbia. Thats why our bracelets exclusively feature brilliant green Colombian emeralds and we are therefore able to offer a remarkable degree of gem clarity. Our expert jeweller meticulously chooses each perfectly matching jewel for these bracelets before setting them by hand.

For all occasions, big or small
Emeralds are the chosen birthstone for May, as well as the traditional stone for 20th birthdays and 55th wedding anniversaries. Their green colour is emblematic of springtime and important new life events. Thanks to their symbolic nature, emeralds are also suited as gifts for springtime weddings, anniversaries or for celebrating the birth of a new baby.

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