Garnet Earrings
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Garnet Earrings

the fiery gemstone

Garnet is a glowing, exotic gemstone that symbolises love, luck and loyalty. Bring out your passion with our lustrous red garnet earrings, designed to make you feel beautiful.

Handpicked and expertly crafted
Our garnet earrings come either as classic single gemstone studs, or in elegant designs featuring garnets and premium diamonds. Red garnet is mined in many beautiful shades, from burgundy or maroon to flame red – and all the garnets we use are natural and untreated. That’s why we study and choose each pair carefully, so that the colour and cut of your earrings becomes a beautiful, unique match.

Highest quality gemstones
Garnet is a precious stone found naturally in many colours. The red variety is the king of all garnets most sought after, durable and intensely coloured. We have chosen to use only natural, conflict-free Indian garnets in our earrings. Their intense red hues in rich variations of plum, cinnamon and maroon have an inner 'flame' that is simply stunning. We expertly set and polish each pair by hand to maximise this dazzling play of colour.

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