Green Sapphire Rings

Green Sapphire Rings

dazzling green sapphires from thailand

Evocative of nature’s beauty, the pure colour of green Thai sapphires is rare and eye-catching. Feel luxurious and unique with a sparkling green sapphire and diamond ring from our collection.

Finest quality gemstones and gold
The second hardest gemstone after diamonds, sapphires are extremely durable, making perfect centre stones for fine gold rings. Green sapphires also provide a exquisite alternative to the more traditional blue sapphire. Each of our rings is handmade with ethical premium quality diamonds and UK hallmarked yellow gold. The warmth of the yellow gold combines perfectly with the sparkling green of the sapphire and white dazzle of the diamonds, making these rings truly spectacular.

Rare green sapphires from Thailand
Green sapphires have an unusual and beautiful colour, which comes from iron trace elements within the stone. This means that natural green sapphires can vary in shade from beautiful mint green to deep forest green. Sapphires mined in Thailand are recognised as the finest in the world for their vivid colour and sparkle, as well as being conflict free. That’s why they’re the only ones we use in our beautiful rings.

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