Pearl Rings

Pearl Rings

sensational pearl rings

Shimmery, iridescent Japanese pearls are the what make our lustrous pearl rings so exceptional. Pearl is the birthstone for June and their pure ivory beauty makes them a sumptuous and meaningful jewellery perfect for summer birthdays.

Perfect pearl rings
For classic style and elegance, our chic gold and white gold pearl rings make the perfect statement. Pearls can be formed naturally, but to keep natures balance and avoid depleting ecosystems we would always recommend cultured pearls as the ethical choice. The Japanese have always been the forerunners in pearl farming, ever since Marilyn Monroe was famously gifted her Mikimoto necklace by Joe Dimaggio on their honeymoon. This is why we have chosen to offer cultivated Japanese freshwater pearls in our rings, to ensure the highest quality.

The natural gem
Pearls are tiny natural, shimmering spheres made over time inside oysters. The shellfish forms lustrous layers of a substance called nacre around a small pebble, and this eventually builds into what we call a pearl. Although often white, pearls can also have hues of yellow, pink, green, blue and rarest of all, black. Several factors are used to evaluate the worth of a pearl including colour, lustre, size, flaws and symmetry. Of all these factors, lustre is considered the most important, and out of all cultured pearls, Japanese pearls are considered to have the best lustre.

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