Peridot Rings

Peridot Rings

dazzling golden green gems

With its bright golden green hues that evoke the freshness of spring, Peridot is one of the most beautiful gems in the world. Set in lustrous gold, it’s a stone that instantly captivates the eye.

The rare August birthstone – a superb alternative to emeralds
Peridot is one of the most popular summertime birthday gifts, because it’s the birthstone for August and the gem for the star sign of Leo. A peridot ring never fails to look sparkling and beautiful, thanks to its double refraction which gives it outstanding radiance and luminosity.Our peridot rings are selected from the best gem grades, designed to add a bright colour to your day, and become favourite pieces that turn into family heirlooms.

Ethically sourced
Natural peridot is mined all over the world, but we take exceptional care to buy it only from conflict-free locations. Currently, the state of Arizona in the USA is one of the top producers of gem grade peridot, and Hawaii, Norway, Mexico, Kenya, Australia and Brazil too have vast deposits. Depending on the origin and the presence of trace minerals, individual peridot crystals can range from intense bottle green to fresh lime or olive hues. Only high clarity peridot with no marks or impurities go into making our rings.

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