Pink Tourmaline Earrings

Pink Tourmaline Earrings

pink gems to take your breath away

These exquisite pink tourmaline earrings with their breathtaking rose sparkle are the perfect special treat or gift to make her smile.

Fine jewellery gifts for your big occasion
As the other October birthstone alongside opal, these tourmaline and diamond earrings are luxurious fine jewellery items that are simply perfect for autumn occasions. And whether you are looking for a beautiful, high value gift for a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or Valentine's, these earrings have a high standard finish that's sure to impress and delight. Featuring matching round or oval tourmalines, they bring forward this gem's unique and eye catching light play that creates exceptional radiance and lights up the face.

A fine jewellery gift for your special occasion
The word 'tourmaline' comes from Sri Lanka, where 'turmali' means 'a gem of every colour'. This is because tourmalines can be found in all colours of the rainbow, from red and pink to green and golden honey. But we've opted to use these exquisite rose pink shades because they are so unique and feminine - and feature the best sparkle. Whether you are a discerning gem conoisseur or this is your first gemstone jewellery purchase, you'll fall in love with the radiance and high quality craftsmanship of The Diamond Store's tourmaline earrings.

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