Birth Sign Pendants

Birth Sign Pendants


Shining as brightly as the star you were born under, our beautiful diamond birth sign pendants are highly meaningful pieces of jewellery. Each star sign is said to have a destined path through life. Find yours below in beautiful white or yellow gold, and studded with diamonds.

Capricorn, Dec 22 to Jan 19  Goal setters and visionaries, Capricorns make great leaders.
Aquarius, Jan 20 to Feb 18  Steadfast and scientific, Aquarians are ingenious inventors.
Pisces, Feb 19 to Mar 20  Adaptable, caring and sympathetic, Pisceans know how to listen.
Aries, Mar 21 to Apr 19  Pioneering and adventurous, Ariens are explorers and heroes.
Taurus, Apr 20 to May 20  Hardworking and good with money, Taureans excel at business.
Gemini, May 21 to Jun 20  Intelligent, objective and communicative, Geminis are born diplomats.
Cancer, Jun 21 to Jul 22  Empathetic and compassionate, Cancerians know how to give wise advice.
Leo, Jul 23 to Aug 22  Creative, self confident and persistent, Leos can achieve anything.
Virgo, Aug 23 to Sep 22  Intellectual yet practical, Virgos make great scientists and analysts.
Libra, Sep 23 to Oct 22  Charming, tactful and persuasive, Libras are successful team workers.
Scorpio, Oct 23 to Nov 21  Purposeful, loyal and passionate, Scorpios always persevere until the end.
Sagittarius, Nov 22 to Dec 21  Philosophical, quick witted and curious, Sagittarians love to debate.

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