Blue Topaz Earrings
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Blue Topaz Earrings

luxuriously dazzling blue gems

Brazilian topaz is a luxurious gem with exceptional incandescence and sparkle. Blue topaz lends itself beautifully to our elegant range of earrings, adding star quality to your days and evenings.

Sparkling, durable and luxurious
No other blue gem sparkles in such desirable hues as topaz. Almost as hard as sapphires and tougher than tanzanite, topaz has long been favoured in royal jewellery. Its ice-like quality and significance as Novembers gemstone make it a classic winter gift. We classify our topaz by clarity, demanding eye-clear gems from our vendors. This gives our blue topaz excellent value, allowing you to enjoy this gems rarity and beauty at its best.

Topaz from Brazil
Although topaz is found in many countries, topaz from Brazil is particularly attractive because of its high lustre and well-formed, large crystals. Known as the "stone of strength", Brazilian tradition says that wearing topaz will protect you and make you prosperous. We certainly know that our graceful range of blue topaz earrings, made in both yellow and white gold, will dress you with effortless poise and singular style.

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