Garnet Rings

Garnet Rings

the fiery red indian gem

The garnet is a legendary and sumptuous gem, sought after by royalty for more than two millennia. Let our captivating Indian garnet rings entice you with their fiery red sparkle and luxurious designs.

High gem grade garnets from India
While garnets come in a rainbow of colours, the red garnet from India is one of the most sought after varieties. Famous for its superlative, clear crystals and intense cinnamon-red and maroon hues, our Indian garnet rings are also conflict-free. UK hallmarked and available in both white and yellow gold, we set each of these jewellery pieces with expert craftsmanship, in breathtaking designs.

Our elegant range of styles
Choose your favourite ring from our exclusive collection of opulent cocktail rings, exquisite five-stone pieces and designs that blend together glowing garnet, opal and yellow gold. The garnet is famous for its fire and inner glint of colour when turned in the light. Each gemstone we set into our rings has been skillfully cut to bring out this rich, red warmth and dazzling play of colour.

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