Pearl Necklaces And Pendants
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Pearl Necklaces And Pendants

stunning luminosity and beauty

These exquisite oriental freshwater pearl necklaces and pendants from The Diamond Store are natural, exquisitely shaped and display exceptional luminosity and iridescence.

Choosing only the natures finest
When shopping for pearls, the most important factors to consider are luster, colour and shape. The surface sheen of a pearl is created by layers upon layers of a luminous substance called nacre, which is naturally produced inside an oyster or a shellfish. Therefore natural pearl jewellery can display subtle, exotic variations of colour, ranging from white and ivory to subtle rose pink or even black. We pick each pearl meticulously, judging its shape, size and hue, to produce perfect pieces of jewellery that have the look and feel of heirlooms.

A perfect gift for any occasion
Our quintessential pearl pendants and necklaces make not only luxurious treats and accessories, but also effortless gift items to suit any taste. Within our collection youll discover a wide variety of necklaces and pendants, from classic single, double and extra-long strands, to creative vintage style pieces and contemporary designs with diamond and gem details. For a high quality finish we only use the finest gold or sterling silver for our chains and clasps, to ensure lasting beauty, durability and wear.

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