Pink Sapphire Rings
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Pink Sapphire Rings

softly blushing sparkle

No other precious gem comes in such a perfect shade of delicate, sparkling pink as sapphires from Thailand. Live indulgently and feel beautiful wearing one of our stunning pink Thai sapphire rings.

The rarest and most highly valued of the fancy sapphires
Pink sapphires are considered to have the most unique and precious colour of all "fancy" sapphires – in other words, sapphires that are not the traditional blue. And in turn, pink sapphires from Thailand are known as the world’s best for clarity and intensity of colour. Which is why we only use them in our rings. The exclusive Diamond Store range of pink sapphires is available in 18K and 9K white and yellow gold, and hallmarked in the UK.

The ideal gem for engagement rings
Pink sapphires are formed from corundum, the hardest mineral aside diamonds, and they acquire their colour from small amounts of chromium. The greater the amount of chromium, the deeper the pink. This means that natural pink sapphires can appear in a range of shades, from pale rose to a bright, crisp fuchsia. Because of their rarity, value, durability and stunning colour, they are also the perfect gemtone for engagement rings.

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